Introducing Treasure

Treasure is an American rapper and songwriter with shining ambition that is taking her places. A Virgo, born in a city outside the metropolis limits of Atlanta, GA, this girl is destined to blow. She is a mother, a model, and a musician. Treasure is a growing Brand amongst all else and will be traveling the nation starting in 2017 promoting herself. 


Treasure is a rapper. She has just released her first independent project which is currently available on Spinrilla. Written completely by Treasure, her first project called "I'm Jus Bein Myself" depicts the mind of the grind of a young woman that has no time for talking about being successful, she demands the whole check. Her music can be viewed as catchy, fiery, sassy, and bold. Tracks like "Problem", "On Ha Sh*t", "Who Go Harder" allow the young 'raptress' to be honest about just "Who is Treasure". Treasure is a Boss. Certifiably. Treasure raps about what's real; she's doing what she says she's doing. Treasure's debut project has over 12k views and is still doing numbers daily.


Treasure is a model. Treasure's beauty is captivating. Her radience is genuine and unique. Treasure's goal is to be a household Brand. She is developing herself daily so that she can continue to grow and be seen. Treasure is currently a Brand Ambassador for several clothing lines, entertainment companies, and agencies. She is eager to take on any assignments and opportunities for positive exposure.


Treasure is a mother. Treasure is constantly growing and making no excuses. She is developing herself mind, body, and spirit so that she can continue to set a great example for her child. Treasure says that her most rewarding job is motherhood. She only wants to leave a lasting impact and legacy so she welcomes the hard work it takes to get to the top.


Who Is Treasure: The Interview

Filmed by K.D. Da Truth of

          "She Was A Beautiful Savage"    

Treasure will be performing at several shows in the next couple months. Come see her at her next performance!

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